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CopM_11Harry seeks to fulfil his life through love and through works of charity. Wherever he goes, legends are born immediately. In this book we find him as we always know: a character that everyone else love and want him as a friend, in one way or another. He has a voice of himself, an own existence inscribed in the space and the time of the world. In this book he lives a great accomplishment and a great loss, which has the gift of making wiser and more mature.

He comes in Transylvania at the residence here of his father, Prince Charles, to relax and live a common life, a fully existence, generous and at the same time, elementary. Here he will meet a young woman of noble lineage, famous for her beauty and being hard-working, that will spark his interest. He will meet and fall in love with her. A wonderful love story will born.

Randomness makes the author to hear a legend, occurred after prince’s frequent visits in this corner of paradise, the story of a hunter from the site to a hunting trip. From that story was born this book.

Princess Anne, the other main character of the book, lives loving pressed rhythms of the land, labour and productive. Fruitful herself, she becomes a wife and mother, fierce in her joy of living a love that lasts through the ages. Until the day she meets Harry, lives drifting, making from her life the triumph a body, splendid and versatile.

Remains to the reader the endeavour and benefit to identify the wonderful happenings in the book, identify and love the characters, and to accompany them in their world, characterized by a stable equilibrium and, at the same time, fantastic.

The reader is the one who has the power to make from this whole story a nice song, about being and nothingness, about what we are and we are not, about what we are looking for years of toil, and when we acquire, we have the misfortune to lose everything