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New Colours are presented to RMAS (Royal Milit...

New Colours are presented to RMAS (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst). Officer Cadet Wales (Prince Harry of Wales – rightmost of the cadets, visible between the Chief of the Defence Staff and the horse) and his intake of Juniors are inspected by the then Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Michael Walker GCB, CMG, CBE, later Baron Walker of Aldringham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arriving at Sandhurst Harry felt that all around him a new world was taking shape. When he timidly entered the gate of RMA Sandhurst it seemed to him he was living out a dream to which his principles were opposed. He had to spend here 44 weeks.

He felt that his new status as a junior cadet would bring him new experiences and challenges. Little by little, in the first days of his military career, Harry gets acquainted with the strict hierarchy of the military, military ranks and positions, military language and terminology, the forms of address laid down by regulation. The schedule includes a period of adjustment to the life of a cadet, characterized by many individual duties which are not easy. For some, this period passes quickly, for others, it seems long.

    During the five weeks of drills ( named “weeks of the inferno”) Harry learned many things. This was important for him. Training fortifies the spirit and exerts a good influence on any soldier. Training and life in the military develop the mind, cultivate emotions and responses, strengthen the will, mould the character and shape the temperament. Last but not least, they develop respect for values and symbols which Harry up to this point hadn’t fully appreciated.

During the Second Term’s classes, Harry began to get the feeling of what it was to be a cadet and he trained as much as he could in order to cope with it. His interest in military life sharpened his mind and developed his competitive spirit.     The quality of an officer is acquired not only as a result of the training in the Shooting Range and in the Exercise Field, but also as a result of his classroom education. Here in the classroom, Harry understood that military life, with its specific demands, requires certain fundamental changes in the attitude and behavior of each cadet.

During the Third Term the educational background obliges him to display integrity, to make quick decisions and be fair. He has to assume responsibility for his actions. He has to demonstrate moral courage in all circumstances and inspire and drive his soldiers to attain their goals. He must respect and defend their honor and dignity and set an example as regards physical strength and endurance. If he can combine all of this, he can consider himself competent and he deserves respect. Otherwise, he will be a pale shadow of a genuine commander. He will fail at the first test whether that be in the garrison, or on the battlefield.

The second part of the book tells about the Expedition to Cyprus which is going to be such an adventure!     This test is going to discover whether all of them have completed the metamorphosis that turns them into professional soldier.

    Then, the moments of graduation and the Passing Out ceremony come.

         Here, the journey ends.

                                                                                     Vasile Michael


What you see on TV or the Internet when watching the news about a Royal Family looking from the outside, is one thing. My book “The Cadet Life of Prince Harry”, attempts also to give the reader an insight into their internal world. Meeting a member of a royal family we say: “nobody is more fortunate than him!” The rest of us, follow him, trying to figure out his destiny.

In order to defend his rich and honest personality, everyone of them has to work hard, and he will encourage other young people to follow in his footsteps. The affection we hold for them, mirrors the affection we feel for one another. Their heartbeat finds an echo in our hearts.

Every member of the British Royal Family has a rounded personality and can make the necessary connections between his own experience and world events. To the rest of us, he has a certain symbolic importance. At the same time, what he has to say is not in some secret code, but is clear and easily understandable.  In everything he does, he demonstrates his exceptional qualities. Like each of us he is responsible for who he becomes, and for his actions, and he is very aware of this.

His destiny is to operate on the World stage and help people everywhere enjoy the values that have always been dear to our hearts.  These are values which today are universally accepted.  We will gather the fruits of this work in the decades to come. We, who know him, suspect that his fame will live on from age to age to all eternity!

And now, dear reader, please picture Prince Harry in your mind’s eye.  He’s a young man of athletic built, dressed in an elegant suit, who looks at us with a cool perceptive glance and a charming smile. Several episodes from his life are told in this book, and it is a beautiful story.  By the end I guarantee you will find him a fascinating personality. Wherever he is, he enlivens the atmosphere, and wears his royalty with an easy grace. His companions are nevertheless aware that in his company we’re in the presence of history in the making.

A meeting with Prince Harry must be a very significant event.  The moment expands into eternity and eternity is concentrated in that self same moment.  Suddenly, you feel your former limitations vanishing and you’re ready to reach for the stars! When you look into his smiling young face, bright with confidence, you have a new, fresh, vision of the possibilities of the world that surrounds you. Moments spent in the presence of Prince Harry are unforgettable. You regain the freshness of your perception of the world and yet feel the benefit of eons of human experience.

But this is something we can say about each and every member of the British family. I’m  going to carve out a very special role for himself in the history of Great Britain.  We will hear great things of him in the future!

Those who have known him say that the Prince is singled out for great things. He has an original way of thinking that casts a new light on matters under discussion. You are aware that this is a man with a rich inner life. In spite of that the fascination that his presence engenders, he behaves extremely naturally.  He transmits to those around him a sense of energy.

In getting to know him, we also feel that we are reaching a closer understanding of ourselves. For us Prince Harry is an outstanding personality who is forging a new language to describe universal reality. We agree that his deeds reflect something of the brave deeds of illustrious men throughout history,The British Royal Family and of other Royal Families.  In every Prince there’s a dreamer and each has an intuitive love for their world and their own inner life of the spirit.

For me, researching and writing this book has been a real pleasure.  I sink into the task as into the enveloping warmth of a spring night.  Setting down my pen at the end of the evening, I realize that all the strains of life and the worries of tomorrow have slipped from my shoulders. I have the feeling that I’m going to rewrite the history.

Why I wrote “The Journey of a Royal Cadet”

Cover-02“The Journey of Royal Cadet” is a book of wisdom. Reading this book you discover a new and fascinating world, you find the answer to a lot of questions. Here you discover about the transforming power of military education. You share the secrets of a Royal Prince as a cadet and have a chance to enter a new universe.

We all have a great respect for the members of a Royal Family. Each has a character that deserves to be remembered by history. And even more than that, each of them connects us to history in the present tense. Living alongside them we get to know them, value them and love them. We’re proud that they’re part of our world, the real world. That’s how it is!  Our respect for them is on a different basis than in past centuries. We respect them because now we know the truth about them!

The insight into the lives and actions of the members of the Royal Family makes us feel closer to how history is being made in our world. No matter how much has been written about them, there’s still much more to be said. No biographer could ever capture everything in one book. However, we’re convinced that every writer on the subject of the members of the Royal Family will add new insights!

Generally people feel especially privileged if they have contact with a Prince. It is a unique moment – a moment they’ll never forget. They feel this encounter has a very particular significance and it is often a reward for years of hard effort. Each member of the Royal Family seems to have a special quality and when one of their subjects meets one of them a seal is set upon that lucky subject’s career or other achievements.

For this reason meeting a member of this family is a truly spiritual event.  An ordinary person feels the presence of history. And none of the changes that the world is affected by will alter our feelings of respect for the members of our Royal Family.

Among the dozens of members of the Royal Family in the world today, there’s one that has a particularly appealing personality – Prince Harry!  He’s not the most important member of the Royalty, but nor is he the least important. If   you listed all the living members of his family in order of importance, Prince Harry would be placed somewhere in the middle.  Though in my opinion, all the Princes of the world are equally important!

Prince Harry is the main character of this book, so we’re going to give him our undivided attention. I believe that each of the Princes of this world could be the hero of countless books to be written in the future. The reason why I have chosen to write about Prince Harry is that he has a symbolic importance. He is a model of a young man starting out in life with a taste for serious thinking and with a great desire to learn.  He has a good sense of fun and is ready to take on all the excitement and the occasional painful experience life throws at him!

The Journey of a Royal Cadet

Cover-02RMA Sandhurst is the place where you learn the fundamental meaning of military thinking and wisdom. Living and training in RMA Sandhurst means being born again, little by little. Here you blend your own being with the miracle of military education. It is a difficult road, with steep slopes, but extremely attractive for someone having such a voluntary character as Prince Harry. For him, to live the life of a cadet means to change gradually. To become a real man, ready to face life and the military career!

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