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CopM_11Harry seeks to fulfil his life through love and through works of charity. Wherever he goes, legends are born immediately. In this book we find him as we always know: a character that everyone else love and want him as a friend, in one way or another. He has a voice of himself, an own existence inscribed in the space and the time of the world. In this book he lives a great accomplishment and a great loss, which has the gift of making wiser and more mature.

He comes in Transylvania at the residence here of his father, Prince Charles, to relax and live a common life, a fully existence, generous and at the same time, elementary. Here he will meet a young woman of noble lineage, famous for her beauty and being hard-working, that will spark his interest. He will meet and fall in love with her. A wonderful love story will born.

Randomness makes the author to hear a legend, occurred after prince’s frequent visits in this corner of paradise, the story of a hunter from the site to a hunting trip. From that story was born this book.

Princess Anne, the other main character of the book, lives loving pressed rhythms of the land, labour and productive. Fruitful herself, she becomes a wife and mother, fierce in her joy of living a love that lasts through the ages. Until the day she meets Harry, lives drifting, making from her life the triumph a body, splendid and versatile.

Remains to the reader the endeavour and benefit to identify the wonderful happenings in the book, identify and love the characters, and to accompany them in their world, characterized by a stable equilibrium and, at the same time, fantastic.

The reader is the one who has the power to make from this whole story a nice song, about being and nothingness, about what we are and we are not, about what we are looking for years of toil, and when we acquire, we have the misfortune to lose everything







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3. KOBO – NEW!

The Journey of a Royal Cadet – Prince Harry of Wales [Kobo Book]


Today Prince Harry is a captain and working in a military unit. Maybe the young ladies passing through his life are not few. But he often remembers the time he was a cadet in Sandhurst Academy and the picture of a young girl he met. It happened that time, somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, close to Capetown,  and he was impressed by the look and the smile of a young woman.

She was a student at a university in the capital of South Africa. She spent plenty of her free time in volunteer activities  for children in hospitals. This made him think they both had been born under the lucky star of those meant to help, those in need and sorrow.  He was trying even the impossible to be part of those actions, just to meet her. And when it happened he found her busy, he was patient and happy when she comforted him with a smile. In return, she greeted him every time they met with a salute gesture and an innocent childish smile.

Her reserved attitude, mere greetings and smiles, made Harry doubt about himself. He had not revealed his identity to her yet, but she did not seem to care about it. He looked in the mirror critically. He had never been taken for Adonis; he never paid too much importance to his looks. And yet, her indifference bothered him!

But the long waited day has finally arrived. Only that it was too late as the Prince’s schedule required his presence back in the country as soon as possible. She replied to his call with a suave friendship which made him feel he was born under a lucky star. Fairy like moments followed, secret dates, finished with a shy kiss. The few days offered to each other without fear, would put a mark on him for a very long time.

Was it possible under these circumstances for a love to be born? It materializes into wishes and gestures repeated instinctively each time. His fingers would love to gently touch her sweet cheek. His mind is obsessed with the sadness in her eyes when leaving. Could it be love? Could this be the right time and age for a  couple to be formed? A new couple! Continue reading

Same great books in exciting new formats

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Hello everybody.

I am excited to share good news for the ebook reading fans.

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The Journey of a Royal Cadet – FREE! June 18 to June 19

Cover-022 Days only June 18 to June 19 !!!!

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Cover-04Named “The Journey of a Royal cadet- Prince Harry of Wales”, this is the second edition of  the book “The cadet life of Prince Harry” written in 2008. It is a story about the journey of a royal cadet: Prince Harry, who spent 44 weeks at R.M.A. Sandhurst , available as Kindle Edition.

It is now a good opportunity for readers to buy and read this new book about Prince Harry, in case they couldn’t read the first edition. Written by Vasile Michael and J.R. Urs, it is probably the best book about Prince Harry.  At the same time, it is a very interesting book about the military life in RMA Sandhurst. The authors of “The Journey of a Royal cadet- Prince Harry of Wales”,   touch the reader by the grace with which they weave his tale. The reader is totally transported by the story of an extraordinary and absolute becoming.

The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of Prince Harry’s adventures as a cadet. Several episodes from his life are told in this book, and it is a beautiful story.  By reading it you will find him a fascinating personality. It is a beautiful story that will appeal to the prince’s fans, and it is a beautiful homage to all cadets- past and present – of the military academies.

    Above all, this is a book of wisdom. Reading this book you discover a new and fascinating world, you find the answer to a lot of questions.  You share the secrets of a Royal Prince as a cadet and have a chance to enter a new universe.  At the end you will want to cry and applaud. By reading it, you understand the happiness of trying to become immortal through what you do.

                                                                                                                   Vasile Michael

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Prince Harry on a Training Exercise for Apache...

Prince Harry on a Training Exercise for Apache Helicopter Pilots in the USA (Photo credit: Defence Images)

For 44 weeks Prince Harry faced in RMA Sandhurst with unflinching determination the hardships and privations of military life. At the end of this period he admitted:

”Although it was tough, it was worthwhile!”

All of this is not so long ago. His youth races on. The rest of us, follow him, trying to figure out his destiny. Nobody is more fortunate than him! In order to defend this rich and honest personality, Harry has to work hard, and hopefully he will encourage other young people to follow in his footsteps.

He has a completely different quality to him now. Prince Harry has acquired the ability to anticipate events, intuitively. Now he can plug into the deep flow underlying the development of events, and empathize how others around him are feeling. All of this together with his thorough knowledge of military affairs will give him a great advantage in working for the
good of his people, and of the whole world.

His way of thinking has radically changed. His playful childhood and adolescence are now lost in the past as mere memories. Prince Harry has become a man! His intuition, his experience, his sensitivity allow him to identify himself with many elements of the outside world.

Prince Harry combines now so many qualities – mental vigor, a strong character, clear-sightedness, command of language, discipline, enthusiasm and willingness for self-sacrifice, sensuality and austerity combined in the one person. All of this is an expression of a unique, well-defined identity. He’s stated so many times that he can’t spend his life dreaming in the shadow of the century-old trees in Windsor Park. He wasn’t born to remain untouched by the events of this world.

His passage through this world may not be all that serene but he has an important task to accomplish. His destiny is to operate on the World stage and help people everywhere enjoy the values that have always been dear to our hearts. These are values which today are universally accepted.

We will gather the fruits of this work in the decades to come. We, who know him, suspect that his fame will live on from age to age to all eternity! He’s promised himself, that after graduation from Sandhurst Royal Military Academy he’ll always live life with a serious minded and analytical approach to things. In this endeavor he’ll be supported by the strength of his moral upbringing and his great desire to know the world and the love of his fellows.

Harry hopes to be part of the great pulse of humanity fully in contact with his times. This is a big world not confined by family, or by coming from a certain region or a particular country. The world in all its richness must be shared with the entire human species.

“The journey of a royal cadet” is coming soon…

Vasile Michael